‘I have worked with Andrew and Louise Marshman for several years. They have treated many of my patients. I have always been impressed by the quality of the care offered, their patient focussed approach and their diagnostic skills’.

Manoj Krishna, Consultant Orthopaedic and Spinal Surgeon

One year ago, whilst training my new puppy a massive amount of strain was put on my back. This left me with restricted movement and constant back pain. I was referred to a physiotherapist by the NHS, but even after many months showed no improvement, so I contacted Abbey Chiropractic Clinic. I was given an appointment the same week and in the very first session the problem was identified and treatment commenced. Even after the first session a great improvement was felt.

After only a few treatments together with gentle, recommended exercises to do at home, I’m fully recovered. The whole experience at Abbey Chiropractic Clinic was exhilarating. All treatments and exercises were fully explained and from the first visit felt a great confidence in Louise, my Chiropractor. Gowns were provided which is a thoughtful touch.

Had I known that Chiropractic did not need a NHS referral I would have been fully recovered a year ago. I certainly would recommend Abbey Chiropractic Clinic.

Susan Cheshire, Goole

Louise my “little miracle woman”. Thank you for getting me back on my feet after 3 weeks of not being able to walk. After only 4 sessions of your healing hands, I was upright and able to walk properly. After 10 sessions, my back is pain-free, looser and more supple. I am back playing bowls again. Thanks once again!.

Andrew Keith, Bubwith

I have suffered back pain for years and done all the things my GP told me to do, but nothing worked and I soon realised that taking prescription drugs was not the way forward for me. Having researched into different therapies Chiropractic is the most effective treatment for my back. As a chronic sufferer you think there is no hope and you will never be pain free but for me regular treatments keep me in control of the pain. Andrew is excellent at what he does and very easy to talk to and keeps your privacy at all times. The clinic is so friendly, with Molly and Alison on reception, who are both easy to talk to and make you feel at ease. I would recommend anyone suffering back pain to contact Andrew or Louise to get the help you need. It has to be better than pumping your body with drugs. The clinic to summarise is clean, well run, professional yet very friendly.

Anon, Brough

I have had back and hip pain since I fell on a tiled floor about eight years ago. Since then my pain got progressively worse and was affecting my quality of life quite badly. I was advised to see a Chiropractor but frankly after such a long period of time I was not hopeful of much relief. However, after my first treatment the pain was dramatically reduced and after a further five sessions I am out of pain and able to walk and swim again. My life has been transformed thanks to Louise and Andrew.

ET, Sherburn-in-Elmet

For about four weeks I was in severe pain in my back, hip and knee. A friend recommended Abbey Chiropractic Clinic. After 3 weeks I was 200% better. I would recommend them to anyone suffering with back pain.

LM, Selby

Prior to visiting Abbey Chiropractic Clinic, I had been suffering with what started out as a simple neck ache for approximately four months. This neck ache was diagnosed by a GP as muscle strain. The neck ache continued, and resulted in my suffering of a constant headache. A GP initially advised me to visit a physio, who prescribed various exercises for me. After two months I had not felt any improvement and the headaches I was experiencing were seriously starting to affect my life. I was struggling with sleep on a regular basis and this was then impacting on my general health.

I visited my GP’s once again, this time seeing a new doctor. This new doctor prescribed Amitriptyline as she explained this would help me sleep and also assist in pain relief as it helps with the pain associated with the nerves in my head. This new GP also advised me on alternative courses of action; one of which was visiting a Chiropractor as they specialise in this area of pain and discomfort.

After a short period of intense treatment at Abbey Chiropractic Clinic my symptoms began to ease, the ache in my head became less prominent, and I felt ready to stop taking the medication. This helped a great deal as I was able to feel the full benefit of my treatment and was able to report to Louise exactly how I was feeling in between sessions.

After shifting my treatment to once a week, and then dropping to once a fortnight, we noticed that the aches were not easing fully. This led Louise to reassess both my personal and working life to enable her to work out exactly what had caused my problem and was stopping it from going away fully. My job is office based, and I spend all of my working day at a desk. After explaining to Louise how my desk was set up, and how I positioned myself at my desk, we discussed making slight changes to this. We devised a way to move my desk space around so that I would be sitting straight on at my PC and my arms and elbows were fully supported. I removed the arms from my chair, got a foot rest and elbow rest for my keyboard and ensured everything was at the correct height and reach.

After this was implemented we soon noticed a change when I attended my appointments. My symptoms would now not get any worse between appointments and would actually become much better, resulting in pain free days on many occasions. I was now able to manage my symptoms between appointments without any pain relief. I am now able to manage without such regular visits to Louise as my symptoms have now all but gone.

Without the help, advice and treatment from Louise I do not know how I would have coped, she gave me a light at the end of the tunnel and has taken me out of the tunnel. I could not recommend the clinic enough. Before my visits I had no knowledge that they could help with this sort of problem, but I am extremely grateful that they can!

Emma, Selby

I contacted the clinic in desperation at 6.30am one morning the week before Christmas as my neck had gone into a severe spasm.  In addition I was waiting to be admitted into hospital for injections into my spine to give relief for back pain that I had suffered with for two years.   I had intense treatment, manipulation and acupuncture from both Louise and Andy, with Louise coming in on her non work day to ensure I got consistent treatment. Within 5 days my neck was back to normal and my faith in the human race restored as Louise, Andy and Molly treated me like an individual, looked after me, and most importantly genuinely cared that I got sorted.

I had a date set in January to go into hospital for spinal injections (my GP had referred me to the spinal surgeon before I had met Louise and Andy). However following a meeting with the spinal surgeon he said he could not guarantee the injections would work, which I wasn’t happy with and rang Louise to ask her for her advice.  Louise said to me, give me a month and I think we can do non-invasive treatment and get you better.  I am so glad I trusted her as she was spot on! Louise started to work on my back with manipulation, acupuncture and massage twice a week. I have gone from having constant back pain and locking to having some back pain intermittently but due to the treatment from Louise I can control it with stretches that she has taught me to do.  In addition Louise referred me to Mark the Personal Trainer. I had not been able to exercise for some time due to the back pain; Mark is a specialist in sports injury so Louise was able to discuss my history with Mark for them both to agree what exercises I should be given.

I have worked with Mark twice a week with no two sessions being the same as well as Mark tailoring the sessions to ensure I achieve the targets I set myself in January. In 12 weeks I have lost weight, am back out on my mountain bike and can’t believe how much better I feel in myself. I am now back in control.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the clinic, they are professional, treat you so well, remember everything about your case so you don’t feel like a number and as you walk through the door.  Whether it is Alison or Molly on reception they always greet you with a smile and make you feel so welcome. Even though some of the treatment does hurt I always look forward to going!!

SJ, Cawood

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